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The Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Gerald 6th Duke of Sutherland Trust corporate identity theft liquidation case has disclosed that close aides to President Putin are understood to be deeply concerned with the revelations which surround the HM Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC the most senior law enforcement officer in this case of international importance. It has emerged that dangerous obstruction offences are exasperating the current circumstances of three of the primary victims following shocking weapons attacks and ongoing threats to kill in central London locations.

Sources close to the Kremlin have remarked that these delays by Scotland Yard are harming relations between the two countries sighting the enormous contribution made by Gerald Carroll during the painful transition period for Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union during the 1990′s.

Further sources which are understood to be directly from inside the Kremlin have revealed that the personal contribution made by Gerald Carroll during those difficult years can never be repaid sighting the Kremlin tanks crisis events of the mid 1990′s as only one example during the Russia Federation and the world community were teetering on the edge. It is known that the Carroll Foundation Trust close relationship with 10 Downing Street and the Kremlin elite averted what could well have been a catastrophic scenario.


Undisclosed sources have revealed that the Kremlin Armoury Museum have also publicly voiced concerns following reports that priceless Russian national treasures held under the control of the Carroll Foundation Trust have been stolen which included Fabergé items. It has emerged that these rare pieces of art were gifts of thanks by the Russian Federation to Gerald Carroll.

In a stunning twist it has been disclosed that the Carroll Foundation Trust main Russian investment arm known as the aptly named Russian Investment Corporation Trust is believed to continue to retain a massive investment portfolio in the Russian economy and undisclosed sources have remarked that these holdings are held under the “direct control” of Kremlin aides close to President Vladimir Putin.

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